Monopoly Plopsa (NL-FR)
Monopoly Plopsa (NL-FR)

Monopoly Plopsa (NL-FR)

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Visit the best attractions in Europe with MONOPOLY Plopsa!

Discover enchanting Plopsa attractions full of action, family fun, water fun and kids' fun!

MONOPOLY Plopsa is the ideal way for the whole family to explore the best Plopsa attractions. Buy your favourite roller coaster, mill, slide or water attraction and put together your ideal Plopsa park.

Take the Plopsa Express, eat in the Mister Spaghetti restaurant, pay for park maintenance, build the Plopsa Hotel or step into the roughest sloop in the Seven Seas: The SuperSplash. Don't forget your dry clothes! This MONOPOLY version brings together the most fun elements from all the Plopsa parks.

Experience a crazy afternoon with this MONOPOLY edition and let yourself be transported into the wonderful world of Plopsa.

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